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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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lemon. and 8:00 p.m. eastern time, tonight on fox business, it stopping. and we start holding the government accountable. just as accountable as apple is to its shareholder. the highest standard expected of the greatest government on earth. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama made his way to new york city this afternoon for the united nations general assembly. world leaders are gathering but the president is not going to meet privately with any of them. so far he turned down a meeting with israel prime minister this week to talk about stopping iran. but what does mr. obama have time to do while he is here? at this very moment he's wrapping up an interview with the lovely ladies of "the
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view." priorities, priorities, priorities. what do you think about this? right call? >> eric: right about now, he is being asked hard hitting question, like what is your favorite color or favorite food. >> dana: favorite app. >> eric: perhaps. ridiculous. so many bad things going non-world, especially in light of what is going on in the middle east, the fact he took the first trip after the big problem in benghazi, took a trip to vegas told where you say he is with this. >> kimberly: he needs to raise money. that is why he went to vegas. >> bob: keep in mind this is a presidential campaign season. less than 50 days left the go. sometimes your priorities take a change.
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>> brian: he is not in charge. >> eric: his campaign season started four years ago are so. >> bob: they get longer all the time. particularly next to you. they get particularly long. >> kimberly: enjoyable. good to have you here today, bobby. do you think this is the right idea when he gets criticism about the middle east. rome is burning essentially and he's on the couch of "the view" instead of on the couch with netanyahu. >> dana: he couldn't care less about the u.n. meeting because the world leaders have one major problem with president obama. they can't vote in america. four years ago they did anything they could to get a meeting with him. at the u.n. it's hard, bilot ral meeting after meeting. hard to say no to some to maybe easier to say no to all. they should have canceled the campaign meetings and send clinton. and as painful as it to listen to their campaign that is the
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right thing to do strategy wise. >> kimberly: isn't that his job as president? read the fine print. be presidential. >> brian: we are thinking on the same line. but the president could look great by sitting with the world leaders and letting them know it's unsell to believe not allow the marines to land, to go to the egyptian prime minister and say 48 hours for you to condemn the attacks. i've had it. meet with libya and get an update. do what romney can't do. be president. then let everybody report what happened behind closed doors and make sure the message is strong. if you were in charge, that would not happen. they would not go on the view. >> bob: if i was in charge i wouldn't wear a pink tie. >> brian: you are so jealous. >> bob: say one thing if i could about the netanyahu thing. all the rest of this, i agree. down on the vegas trip, a bad idea. netanyahu wants the meeting because he wants to get a public line in the sand drawn.
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the red line he is talking about. netanyahu is setting obama up. glad obama is not meeting with him. do you think they're so stupid not have a meeting with netanyahu if they thought they'd make progress? netanyahu wants this meeting for his own politics. i don't think you should give him that. >> dana: president obama should want it for his politics. >> bob: wrong. >> eric: you can still meet with president obama and not draw a red line. >> bob: they meet on the phone, right? >> dana: only after public pressure. >> eric: sit down and have a meeting. he may want to talk about redlines. meet with the number within ally on the planet? number one? >> bob: it's a public role about iran and they have been trying to do it for six months. not a good idea. >> brian: you just can't duck a prime minister in your own country. >> bob: yeah, you can. >> brian: you know who is at the warwick hotel? ahmadinejad. we don't just talk to our friends, we talk to the enemies.
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why not go to the warwick hotel. it's old fashioned -- >> dana: that would be really -- >> brian: say listen, we're not friends and i talked to everybody we'll talk to enemies let's have a get-together. >> bob: that is why you are in television and other people run campaigns. >> brian: he has a promise to keep. >> eric: i have to -- are you saying obama should go to the warwick? it would destroy him if he did that. >> brian: he promised to meet with the cubans and castro kid and ahmadinejad. >> bob: can you imagine what eric bolling would do with that? >> eric: he won't meet with netanyahu but will go to the warwick. >> kimberly: expert on couch diplomacy. everybody come on in. right? open arms. >> bob: dana and i have been through it before. the bilit ral meetings are a lot of work for the presidents. it's true if you say one -- it's always this, if you say yes to, this you should say
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yes to this one. 'canes yes. >> bob: there is some truth to say i don't have the time. i have campaign. >> dana: world leaders like to be treated as equals. now they all know that president obama chose instead of meeting with them, even if it was the two of them for a couple of hours, he did the view instead. >> kimberly: he decided to sit down with the ladies of the view. oh, joy. let's talk about something else. bolling wants to talk about cash. mind on my money money on my mind. let's listen to obama on "60 minutes" talking about taxes. >> you can't ask me to make student loans higher for kids who need it or ask seniors to pay more for medicare or throw people off of healthcare. and not ask somebody like me or mr. romney to do anything? not ask to us do a single dime's worth of sacrifice?
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>> eric: this is class warfare. the same thing that president obama has been doing since prior to winning the election. we'll fundamentally change america. he is playing the game. big speech in kansas. if you -- the reason we know paul ryan said if you tax, what would happen if you tax every millionaire all of their income? if you taxed every millionaire every penny of their income it would pay for the government for ten weeks' time. you can say you need to tax millionaires more but it won't do anything to the deficit unless you attack the real issue: spending. >> bob: they are not going to do the bush tax cut. there is something working on capitol hill, sequestration two. they will punt it down to the next congress. it guarantee you. >> kimberly: reaction to that? >> dana: well, last night, as i was taking care of jasper, of course, i see that
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president obama is going to be on "60 minutes." i thought it was a repeat. he has been on "60 minutes" more than steve cross has been on it. ten times, watered down the prime opportunity in the p.r. and the brand of "60 minutes." in addition, "60 minutes" said they did this interview with president obama on september # 2. it's very unusual they would not demand at least an opportunity to go back to president obama because so much happened between the 12 and the 21 that obama didn't have to answer for that romney did when he did an interview on the 21st. >> kimberly: let's take a listen to romney on "6 of 0 minutes." >> the current rate less 20%. the top rate for instance would go from 35 to 28. all the rates come down. people think there is a huge reduction taxes they owe, that is not the case. we're going to limit deduction
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and exemption; particularly, for people at the high end. there should be no tax reduction for high income people. >> kimberly: same message? >> brian: much more specific. he said listen, i am not getting in detail about the idea for tax reform. that's something to be worked out. this is the tax rate, how i envision it. how we'll raise more money. people say the campaign is running out of steam. i didn't see it. he is cool and calm. >> bob: he could say specific things. keep in mind that romney ended up, the average american pays 20% in federal income taxes. romney paid 14% on $30 million income. >> brian: you know why? >> bob: i know why he did but the average american -- he is trying to relate to the common man, they don't tote that. >> brian: he got taxed on
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it. >> bob: i'm saying the average american -- >> dana: brian is saying something factual. what you say isn't. >> bob: ma what is not factual? >> dana: brian is saying something that is important to make a distinction between the investment income and income you get when you draw a salar salary. >> bob: the average voter doesn't make a distinction. >> eric: the other choice, look at what president obama has done in four years. he created trillion-and-a-half dollars of economic activity in the country. sounds great. but we added $5 trillion in new debt to the deficit. for every dollar we spent $3.5 or $4. of debt. the average spending is $7.5. we are borrowing $4. for every buck we spend. the solution, perfect -- for every dollar we are spending $7.5 bucks. >> bob: $5.5 is on taxes
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democrat is bad math. >> dana: today, david axelrod said president obama doesn't need a plan for that. >> bob: it's a mistake to say that, to say you don't have a plan. >> dana: there are four mistakes in the "a" block from the obama campaign just now. we can say why do they do it that way? >> bob: oh, this one. sorry. >> kimberly: the interview, we don't have time to show the thought of it. but the biggest disappointment depends on the audience. if it's univision, it's immigration. if it's "60 minutes" it's i can't change the tone in washington. but this just in. first picture of president obama and mrs. obama in the taping of "the view" today. you got to love that. >> bob: nice picture. >> kimberly: coming up. did they have ambassador stevens on the hit list before he was killed in libya? the ambassador thought so. the question is becoming what did the state department know about the threat and what did
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they do about it, if anything? we'll tell you what we know when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved
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♪ ♪ >> eric: it's getting down right nasty at the obama administration state department. wonder what has them hot under the collar? maybe this. they discovered chrissteins' diary four days before he and three other americans were murdered in benghazi. ambassador was worried about islamic terrorism and thought he was on al-qaeda hit list. we learned that the state department is pressuring cnn to bury the huge story. when cnn ran with it, the state department said it was indefensible. now other journalists are catching on. one reporter dared to ask some tough questions about what happened before the terrorist killed our people in benghazi. long story short, hillary clinton's spokesman filepe re
5:17 pm
reynez told him to "f" off and he used the whole world. >> bob: that disgusting. >> eric: then he sent this nasty response. "since "f" off wasn't clear enough, i'm done with you." >> brian: broke up and cursed each other out. >> eric: swear jar. >> kimberly: is there any room left in yours? >> dana: but there is a big difference, of popping off and saying it and another one in writing it to a reporter from a government account that when you work for the secretary of state and sending it to a reporter. >> brian: you felt like doing that, right? >> dana: ed henry, he was at cnn and i was press secretary, i always gave him a mean look but i never cussed him out. >> kimberly: talk about the state department. this is coming as no surprise, right? this is what it looked like from the beginning. see where the evidence, the
5:18 pm
facts take us. clearly, they are withholding information because common sense would say it's going to make them look bad. the evidence, suggestion by the intel that is coming out is that they did know about it. what, if anything, did they do to protect them? if they agree to a no loaded weapons clause and hired outsource blue mountain security instead of having marines, locked and loaded ready to go to provide added dirt in a conflict region, this is on their head. >> eric: the gentleman's name is reynes, i'm told. how did the cnn reporter four days after the attack find this diary? number two, if there were indications months ago that he was worried about his life, why didn't the state department know about it, or did they? >> brian: ambassador boll top said he had -- bolton he said he had three guys with him at all times. he was in new york city. this guy only had three former seals help him out in trouble. now we know that that journal --
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>> kimberly: not assigned to him. they were not assigned to him. >> brian: yeah. helped them on their own. it cost them their lives for doing the right thing. he was concerned and he thought he was on the al-qaeda terror list. it sits there, with how much other sensitive information for all this time. cnn held on it for four more days and then gets cursed out for bringing it forward. i understand sensitivity of someone losing their life. but cnn said they checked with the sources to see if what they read in his journal was correct. this is aggravating an getting everyone in america upset. >> eric: alarming. according to cnn in journal it says ambassadorsteins said months ago he was worried about his life. if that is the case, don't you think it would have shot some e-mail up the chain of command? >> kimberly: and on 9/11. >> bob: i'm being attacked from both sides. i don't care what bolton says.
5:20 pm
a couple of things that strikes me about this. first, how in the world does cnn find this thing four days afterwards? >> brian: crazy. >> bob: that raises some questions in my mind. >> brian: you don't believe it? >> bob: i believe the story but i believe cnn, when the state department called them -- what is the word they useded about cnn? i would use much worse words but i can't anymore. disgraceful that cnn wouldn't turn the diary over to the family before going public with it. they should be ashamed of themselves. >> eric: we'll move on to the next one. should the state department be the time arbiter of what is journalism and what is not? >> dana: the intel community should and the government should. the point about the crime scene, four days later as former prosecutor, you couldn't use the evidence.
5:21 pm
the most important thing is finding intel thread. we heard on friday, "special report" broke the news that 100 al-qaeda members were responsible for two waves of attack that led to ambassador stevens and killing of others. what did we miss? it was so insecure at the time. >> kimberly: compromised. >> dana: i can understand why they're mad for the family. the state department has unanswered questions. >> kimberly: they sent in the f.b.i. days later, the crime scene is compromised and now they can't find out the truth about what happened because they don't want to. >> eric: this is important. pakistani minister offered $100,000 bounty to find the filmmaker. there he is, he is one of the pakistani ministers. where is the outrage from the state department about this? >> dana: if i were president obama i would cancel my appointment on "the view" or cancel my dinner plans an demanded to see the pakistani prime minister and said to him at the u.n. knock it off now.
5:22 pm
the problem is they are the ones who apologize for america because of the united states taxpayers exercising first amendment rights and did a video. use it as an excuse. >> bob: this is the same minister in pakistan allowed the islamist schools to take place where the terrorism is being taught. this is not surprising. if 100 people were involved in this thing, if that story is true, no amount of marine, normal marine security would have stopped that. >> dana: intel could have beforehand. why do we know -- >> kimberly: that is not even true. they can handle two waves. there were two assaults -- you saw the video. the guy running around with automattic weapons because there is nobody paying attention. >> bob: at a normal embassy they don't have that kind of fire power. >> brian: 100 libyans there and they melted away. this shows me, number one, they are scared to death. >> kimberly: complicit. >> eric: $23 billion we have given pakistan since 9/11. maybe time to cut off the aid and send a drone or two over
5:23 pm
the embassy. coming up, the obama administration intentionally mislead americans about al-qaeda 9/11 attack in libya? robert gibbs answers that question when we come back. ♪ ♪ bob...
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5:28 pm
>> why did ambassador rice give the american people bad information? >> you heard rice say the best information we had at the point she gave the answer is the answer she gave. you saw the white house say it was a terror attack. nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than the president and the secretary of state. so that we can protect our missions and our consulates throughout the world and remain. absolutely no one, intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this. absolutely not. >> brian: standard among many who disagree. listen to what he wrote. he writes, "for more than a week, the obama administration misled the country about what happened. this isn't just a problem, it is a scandal." dana, how do you read it? >> dana: as a former spokesperson, i think i would have refused to go out on the sunday shows on this past weekend. there is -- as a former person, you don't know what you don't know. there was misleading, whether it was intentional or not,
5:29 pm
something happened where the administration for ten days said one thing and it turns out to be the other. tried to blow that off. the other thing is i wonder where the director of national intelligence, where is the national security council. they are happy to be quoted in the "new york times" when they take the victory laps but they won't come on to talk about what they knew or did not know, the more important question and trying to find out about it. i would have refused to go on. >> brian: on top of that, senator levin whose heart is probably the most hard right, left guy in the senate asked if it was planned said it looks like it was. democrat congressman adam smith of the house intelligence committee said it's not just a mob that got out of hand. the democrats don't especially buy the storyline. bigger story today than on 9/11. >> eric: not a storyline. it's all politics. they're coming up with three things, number one, president obama went to vegas to pick up a check we talked about earlier, hours after
5:30 pm
ambassador stevens was killed. it's clear that it's been reportedsh even the interim president of libya said it's a preplanned attack. it's not because of 9/11. 9/11 is symbolic. the preplanned attack was a retaliation from all the victory laps that the obama administration has done over bin laden. we kill bin laden. we have kill bin laden. they punch us. the problem is we don't punch back. number three, complete lack of failure of information leading up to this. >> kimberly: there should be headlines screaming scandal. i agree with steve hayes. this is outrageous. everyone knew it. we have to act like everyone is stupid many dunce row. ridiculous. everyone overseas is writing about it. it's obvious if anyone has common sense and intelligence how it goes down in middle east this is something planned and coordinated. >> brian: the underwear bomber, we remember he was about to land in michigan and he's isolated extremist. turns out he was trained by al-qaeda.
5:31 pm
and fort hood shooter, workforce violence but he was writing to anwar al-awlaki. bob, the administration for eight years let us know it's more than generation of war on terror. it won't be over in eight years or 12 years. why is the administration afraid of the war? >> bob: i'm not trying to tie myself back, but the day it happened i said it was a terrorist attack. >> kimberly: you did. >> bob: it was clear it was terrorist attack on the obvious. but leaving that aside, i don't think this is a scandal. it's scandalous the way it played out politically. i would never have let rice say these things. >> kimberly: if it's so obvious and you know it, why did the administration have no idea and lie to everybody? >> bob: i don't think they lied. >> kimberly: you just said it was so obvious. >> bob: i thought it was obvious, yes. >> kimberly: so you get it, they don't why? why are they in charge? why do they have the office? >> bob: she stepped out without having the intelligence she needed to have. she should haven't done it.
5:32 pm
>> eric: are you trying to say that ambassador rice wrote her own script for that? >> bob: not at all. i'm saying from a political standpoint that is scandalous. >> we have the interim president, the libyan interim president saying it was preplanned. subsequent to, that they came out and said well, it's obvious, self-evident it was preplanned. >> bob: no way to take it to court of law and prove it. >> kimberly: now you're walking it back. >> brian: you are confused as we are. why is it to the administration's benefit to be so confused? >> dana: it helped them with the press. do you see on the front page of every -- you don't see it. it's not constant.
5:33 pm
president obama gets to be on "the view." cbs has done good reporting and so has reuters on this. i don't think they should let up. the facts should take us where they take us. the politics aside if they believe that the people will vote on this and vote on the economy. which president could be better. romney or obama. fine. will b honest about what happened. kilthey want to win. they want to keep the white house. epic fail on part of the state department. >> brian: kimberly yelling at me on camera. >> kimberly: i'm mad. fired up. >> bob: she is yelling. >> brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, a new gallup poll says 60% -- i love that. 60% of americans don't trust the media. why? we have a perfect example when we come back at 27 minutes
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before the top of the hour. what? i'm giving you the time. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, president obama is in new york today, not to talk to world leaders but appear on talk show and at a fundraiser. on the on "special report," one day ahead of the address at the u.n., president obama went on "the view." he is leaving the individual sessions to hillary clinton. mitt romney is criticizing the president for his description of the deadly terrorist attack as a bump in the road. white house is disputing that. another comment, the president made raising eyebrows in israel. romney said the president needs to shape events in the middle east. karl rove and trippi break
5:39 pm
down the polls. we'll break down the electoral map and look at who pays the price for all the people who do not pay incomes tax. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: most americans do not trust what they read in the newspapers or hear on the news. that's been the case for several years according to gallup. this year, trust in mass media hit record high with 60% of americans saying so in the last survey. you can see the trust going down. last night we talked about president obama being on "60 minutes" he taped an interview september 12 that just ran last night. long time for outfit like that to hold on to an interview. look at the part they left out.
5:40 pm
>> fact-checkers have had problem with ads on both sides. and say they have been misleading and in some cases, just not true. does that disturb you? some of them are your ads. >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes that are made, or areas there is no doubt somebody can dispute how we present things? that happens in politicking. >> dana: oh well. that happens. >> brian: can't stop it. already bought the time. >> eric: that is why people disrupt the media. that, president obama in that interview said all of that stuff going on in the middle east. bumps in the road. he never challenged. what do you mean president obama? bumps in the road? there are people dead, americans dead in the street. >> bob: romney wasn't challenged when he said people without shirts can go to the
5:41 pm
emergency room. nobody picked up on that. for a candidate to say if you don't have health insurance, go to the emergency room. >> kimberly: does he mean i.e.d. s? does he have respect for people serving there? bumps in the road, we'll get through it. like the economy. ridiculous. >> bob: i don't make a connection. >> kimberly: my gosh, bob. >> eric: with the rumblings in the middle east were bumps in the road. >> dana: he did the interview the day after the attack. >> bob: now i get it. >> eric: "a" block. >> dana: talking about the distrust in the media. when you see this number does it surprise you at all that people aren't trusting -- only 40% of the americans trust what they see in the mass media. >> brian: the huge difference in my mind. it's a big mind full of a lot of stuff. >> bob: your mind? >> brian: yes. >> bob: wind is a terrible thing to waste. >> brian: thank you. part of the reason is the way
5:42 pm
the media attacks each other. they're wrong, they're wrong, this is not right. so in the end i don't believe any of it. he sounded convincing and she sounded convincing and then this company i like attacks this company. in the end, you want to know what i think of the media? i don't watch it. >> dana: another possible explanation, in election year, some people like to point to the media. that becomes the punching bag. do you think what is the case this time? or is it sustained? >> kimberly: this is sustained. when you look at the pattern, practice of what they're doing, they help him every step of the way. not reporting stuff in the middle east. friday night, nbc news. no mention of anything whatsoever in the middle east. it was a big deal. it's like romney making a blockbuster night. of course, how about when 60 minutes i ditting out obama going yo, i'm the fourth best president. what is up with that? why is it selective? >> bob: listen, we have been following this distrust of the media, those of us in campaign
5:43 pm
business for a long time. people trust local news more than anything else. that gets high mark. local anchor guy. the problem with that, of course, they get their lead from the nationals. right? so it's, it's actually, a problem for the big media. but the local media that are trusted say what the big media is saying. >> eric: another example from today. cnn ditched the story that could end up being pretty darn big. if there is a trail between ambassador stevens' diary an ambassador stevens, to the state department -- >> bob: what do you mean? >> eric: they were on it. they reported. white house said don't do it anymore. they stopped. we have haven't heard boo since then. how can you trust the media if once they get pushback, they go oh, no. >> bob: maybe they didn't pay much for diary. >> dana: speculation. >> brian: italians took them over. i'm half italians. they handed italians, behalf of the state department, took the journal from the cnn reporter. >> bob: first mistake.
5:44 pm
>> brian: being italian? >> bob: i'm only kidding. >> kimberly: now you've done it. >> dana: only person in mass media is those calling bob on friday. >> bob: thursday. >> dana: i never miss it. coming up, some new york city public schools are handing out the morning after pills to kids as young as 14. they're not telling their parents. details on that when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: back when i was a kid and abraham lincoln was president you could go to nurse's office in school for basically, to get out of school. no, aspirin if you had a headache. things have changed. now in new york city, young girls can stop by the nurse's office and pick up the morning after pill. to stop an unwanted pregnancy. this will be available to girls as young as 14 without the parents' consent. it's called "catch." i don't know what it stands for but it's this.
5:49 pm
they sent letters to the parents of all the schools. but here is my problem with it. it says if you don't want this to happen, then you send in the form saying you don't want it to happen. >> dana: opt out. >> bob: as opposed to say yes, you can do it with my child. >> brian: it's up to you to give the parents the yellow slip to show you are failing that semester. some kids i don't want to give it to my parents. you can't give aspirin to a kid, but a kid can get the morning after pill if they request it. they tried it last year with 580 kids. no publicity. now the word is out. >> kimberly: i was going to say this is ridiculous. do you know that there are kids they have an ehergic reaction, they could be deadly. you can't give them the epi-pen unless you have 12 permission slip and they reach the parents and all that because they don't want to be sued but you can pass out a morning after pill to a child because they worry about teen pregnancy. we don't want the girls dropping out. new york is doing so much
5:50 pm
better than the national average. teen pregnancy going down because of education. it's not because of education. it's because they're handing out semily abortion. >> dana: this is another example of parents giving over control to the state, to the government, to do the job they're supposed to be doing. talking to the kids about sex and the consequences of it. instead, now you don't have to, because you let the state do it for you. i think it's appalling. i have to -- do you have to show i.d. and be 18 to buy sudafed but you can get a morning after pill. there is medical side effects and other stuff that goes with it. >> bob: i know this sits well with you. >> eric: i have a huge problem with it. it's parents not being paren parents. personal responsibility comes to play in a lot of things, parenting especially. teaching kids about the sex education. teaching kids, boys and girls about the pregnancies.
5:51 pm
the teen pregnancies. if you remove it to and give it to the school we try to fix it. >> kimberly: if you're a parent, you want to know, wouldn't you? >> bob: i don't like to see this, but having said that, most of girls that get unwanted pregnancies come from single family, mothers running the families they're poor, they don't have that education at home. the question is -- >> eric: how did they become children? mom knows about that. >> bob: i'm saying if you look at who gets pregnant, unwanted pregnancies in this city, a lot are from poor community, minorities. >> dana: i hate that argument. it's the poor communities can't provide for themselves and can't have responsibility that other parents have. that is unfair to them. >> brian: a lot of parenting is better because they feel they have to be more intense and hands-on because of dangers out there. a time when the budgets are tight. shouldn't they spend it on textbooks not the morning after pill? >> dana: they graduate 60%
5:52 pm
of students from high school. time to do this. in most urban areas across america. >> bob: all right. few more things to say about that. i won't because one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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>> kimberly: time now for
5:56 pm
one more thing. earlier on the fox business network, moments ago, republican senator john barasso said the obama administration isn't being honest about what happened on september 11 in libya. >> i think that the president is way off base on this. i sit on the foreign relations committee. we had a top secret briefing on what happened in libya. i they are stone walling. to me there is a coverup going on, they don't want the american people to know what happened there. kilstay with "the five" all week. >> brian: my one more thing is simple. i'm not the biggest fan of snl topic of late but i say this, who could be undecided voter at this point? who could not have enough information to make up their mind? that was the topic on snl and i felt they did a good skit here. let's listen. >> what happens if the president dies? has anyone thought about who would replace him? what is your plan, gentlemen?
5:57 pm
>> can women vote? because if not, as a woman, i have a big problem with that. by the way, if men can't vote, in my opinion that's just as wrong. >> we hear a lot about our dependence foreign oil. but just what is oil? what is it used for? can a woman have a baby from french kissing? >> brian: i thought that was interesting. i don't understand how people don't have their mind made up yet. >> eric: not one of their best skits. you know what is? >> brian: better not be the one more thing. >> eric: it's not. but when they impersonate three of you, it's some of their best stuff. >> kimberly: it's pretty good. >> brian: let me see, i am dumb and 80 pounds and overweight. that's why you love it so much? >> kimberly: i said you're much more fit. >> brian: so you will go with the dumb. but i have better abs. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh, off the rails.
5:58 pm
>> dana: want something to make you feel old in addition to dumb and fat? jetsons, they turned 50 today. look at this clip. ♪ ♪ >> dana: i know you have the song in your head. the things that they created and thought of in the jetsons we have now. flying cars are to come. think of skype. video conversation with somebody on your cell phone. i didn't think it would be possible. look at the visionary. >> brian: treadmill in the sky. >> kimberly: i love it. looks like a quick way to get to the mall. >> eric: also, when george opens his wallet and the wife takes all the money. >> kimberly: true story!
5:59 pm
he told all the people in iran, the leftist dictator did he'd meet with occupy wall street. he said. the young people including occupy, but occupy said even ahmadinejad is too much of a fascist for us to meet. >> dana: they have standard standards. >> brian: fortress outside the warwick hotel. we're paying for it. >> kimberly: at least we know how to secure a premises here. >> bob: i gave a speech on saturday night with my partner cal thomas. in houghton, michigan, at the technological university. guy on the front row was heckling me, as were 500 others. the guy said i dare you to wear the marine score suspenders on "the five." so i did. >> kimberly: doing hand gestures. >> bob: am i supposed to


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